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Message from Mr. C - 30.04.20

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How to access 'Home Learning' resources through Hwb

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Dear Parents / Carers,

As we prepare for possible school closures, and with growing numbers of our children away from school in self-isolation, we have produced this guidance to help you and your child access the ‘Home Learning’ resources that our school staff have prepared.

We are in the process of populating the resource banks with lots of activities, and we will aim to systematically add extra resources as time moves on.  Please follow the instructions on the guide below to help you! 

Can I stress that these activities are not compulsory, and we would not expect the children to be working if they are unwell.

If you have any concerns, questions or queries, please do get in touch.


Many thanks, as always,

Mr. Cox


What will be sent home?


All children, from Reception to Year 6, will be sent home with new reading books and an empty exercise book.  The exercise book is for the children to record any work that they may do during their time away from school.  We will not be expecting the exercise book to be returned to school when the children return.


On the back of the exercise book, there will be a sticker that clearly states your child’s Hwb login and password.  The majority of children will already be familiar with these details.  They will need these details to access the resources.

If your child is not able to access their Hwb login and password, please contact the school and we will try our best to sort this for you.


Nursery pupils will have a printed out activity booklet that will be sent home.



How do we find the resources?


From your search engine, search for Hwb, or click on this link (


Once your child logs into Hwb, they should look for the ‘Just2Easy’ (or J2E) tab – click on it.


You will be taken to the J2Dashboard.  Look for a tile that say ‘My Files’ – click on it.


There will then be a list, on the left of the screen.  Click on the option that says ‘Shared Files’.


You are now looking for a green folder that says your child’s class name on it – click on it.


The last step is that you are now looking for a blue folder that contains the Home Learning tasks – once you click on this you will have found the selection of resources.