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Trespassing on School Grounds

To all those within our local, and wider, community,


We are writing to ask for your much needed support and understanding. 


Over the past few months, (since the early stages of the pandemic crisis), we have seen a drastic increase in the number of people trespassing on the school grounds, when the school is closed.


At first, this begun with local youths jumping over the gate to use the football pitch, which was causing no real threat or damage to the school.  Unfortunately, over time, this has encouraged others to use the pitch and has further progressed to people using the play equipment and even running around the grounds, breaking teaching resources from outside our classrooms.


Last weekend, our CCTV took images of around 30 people on the school premises, between 5pm Friday and 8pm Sunday.  Some of these were using the field, but others have been captured climbing on our outbuildings, using the climbing frames, tearing up the one-way system that we have in place, and even vandalising resources that our children use.  Along with this, we had to pick up three black bags full of litter that had been left on the grounds.


For the safe keeping of our school, and for the safety of our children, could we please ask that no person enters the school grounds when the school is closed. 


We ask that you to share this message; particularly with anyone who you feel may be using the school grounds.


We have shared our CCTV footage with the local police, who will be following the matter up.  We would also like to ask if you would be so kind to report anyone that you see trespassing on the school grounds, by calling the non-emergency police number (101).


Thank you all for your continued support in this matter.


Yours faithfully,

Mr. L. Cox